Olympics Party Supplies

Help our Aussies go for Gold with our Olympics party range! Featuring classic Australian decorations, novelty medals and a variety of international themed items this great range has everything you need to celebrate the upcoming Olympics or host your very own!

The race is on and the Olympics is coming!

Since the time of the ancient Greeks no other global sporting event has generated so much excitement, adrenalin and energy as the Olympics. Whether it is in London, Sydney, Paris or Rio, the world is captivated by the athletes of the Olympics and unified in the Olympic spirit!

If you want to show support for our Aussie athletes this year in Rio or put together your very own Olympics event for school, our Olympics party range has everything you need to create a winning Olympic atmosphere!

Throw a multi-cultural Olympics party with our colourful International items - simply set your table with our International plates and cups and hang up our International banners and swirls to celebrate all of the teams.

Show some Aussie pride for our own Olympic team - use our Australian Flag Plates and Cups and Inflatable Hands for a great Aussie Olympic party, or just wear our Aussie Cape and wave our Australian Flags to cheer the Aussies on.

You can even run your very own Olympics in your backyard or school. Put together relays, races and athletic events and hand out our Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to all of the winners.

Whether you go to the Olympics as a spectator, throw an Aussie Olympic party at home or host your own Olympics event, our Olympics Party Supplies will make everyone feel like a champion on the Olympic team!

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