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Wiggles Party Supplies

Wahoo! Wiggles fans will love having their own wiggly party with our Wiggles party range! Starring Anthony, Lachlan, Simon and Emma, this fun range of Wiggles decorations and tableware will have everyone jumping up to do the Hot Potato!

What little toddler doesn't love the Wiggles! With their brightly coloured sweaters, catchy jingles and Big Red Car The Wiggles are loved by kids of all ages around the world.

If you have a little one who loves singing along with The Wiggles why not do as the Wiggles say and host a 'Wiggly Party'!

Start by putting together a bright Wiggles party table. Lay our Wiggles tablecloth over a trestle table and add Wiggles Cups, Napkins and Plates. A Wiggles party table needs to be ready for fun so don't forget to add some Wiggles blowers to get everyone into the Wiggles birthday spirit.

The Wiggles each have a special Wiggle colour - Blue Wiggle (Anthony), Purple Wiggle (Lachlan), Red Wiggle (Simon) and Yellow Wiggle (Emma) and you can incorporate the Wiggles colours into your Wiggles party to make it extra wiggly and special!

Combine your Wiggles tableware with red, purple, blue and yellow coloured tableware or hang up red, purple, blue and yellow banners, lanterns and balloons.

Bake cupcakes in red, purple, blue and yellow cupcake cases and pack thank-you gifts in our coloured treat boxes in each of the Wiggles colours.

A Wiggles party made with our Wiggles range is a wonderful and easy theme sure to please every avid little Wiggles fan!

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