80's Retro Party Supplies

Get your spandex out and your legwarmers on, its time to go back to the 80's! With neon shades, ghetto-blasters and bright colours, our awesome 80's Retro range will have you reliving all the retro cool and fluoro-powered fun of the 1980s.

Who could forget the great 80s, when Michael Jackson thrilled us, Wham would wake us up before we go go and Madonna expressed herself, when big hair, spandex, legwarmers and leather gloves were the fashion, and everything was outrageous, hypercolour and totally fun! Now you can step back in time for a flashback to the 80s with our awesome 80's retro range.

No party is cooler than an 80's retro party, and its so easy to put together too. Start by using our 80s Retro cutouts, room decorations, swirls and scene setter. These decorations feature ghetto-blasters, fluoro sunglasses and neon colours and will instantly transform your party room into an 80's pop arena!

Continue the retro look on your party table with our 80s retro table decorating kit, centrepiece and helium balloon. Finally, for the most authentic 80s party around, make sure you grab some our fishnet gloves, legwarmers, shutter shades and rock star photo booth props. All that's left to do then is tease your hair, get your banana clips out and pop on your favourite 80s CD....and wait for your guests to arrive to party like its 1985!

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  1. Light Blue Paper Favour Bags (Pack of 12)
    Blue Reusable Tote Bags 18cm (Pack of 3)
    Regular Price A$2.99 Special Price A$2.69
  2. Celebration Arch
    Fog Machine with Fog Liquid
    Regular Price A$99.99 Special Price A$39.99
  3. Rock N Roll Legend Mens Costume Extra Large
    Clip-On Piercing Jewellery (8 Pieces)
    Regular Price A$2.99 Special Price A$0.99

Items 1-96 of 685

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