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Hocus Pocus! Abracadabra! Host the ultimate illusion-filled celebration with our Magic Party range! Featuring magician themed tableware, magic props and costume accessories this fun range has all you need to conjure up a birthday full of magic and mystery!

Houdini, David Copperfield, Criss Angel and David Blaine...these magicians have enthralled us for generations with their mysterious tricks and illusions. From pulling rabbits of out of a hat and making cards disappear to death defying stunts like breaking out of chains underwater or sawing a woman in half, it's safe to say there is nothing more thrilling and mesmerizing than a magic show!

If you would like to bring all the excitement and mystery of a magic show to your upcoming birthday you'll find everything you need in our Magic Party range.

First set the scene for your magic show. Start by rolling our Silver Stars Black Plastic Tablecloth over a long table, then set up everything you need for the show. Add a deck of playing cards and our play money for your tricks, and magic wand and a top hat.

Atmosphere is everything at a magic show, and you can create some intrigue and anticipation for your show with our Magic Party decorations. Hang up our Magic Party Abracadabra Banner across your wall and place our billboard style Magic Party Cutouts around your foyer, hallway or party entrance.

Spectators always get hungry while watching the show, so set up a food table opposite your magic table for everyone to enjoy meals while they observe your tricks. Lay out our Magic Party tablecloth and add Magic Party plates, cups and napkins to complete your Magic theme.

Because everyone needs a touch of magic in their life, create magic goodie bags for each guest to take home after the show. Use our cool magician's trunk shaped Magic Party Lolly Boxes and fill them up with lollies or mini magic themed favours.

Once your show, party food table and thank-you bags have been prepared all that's left to do is hand out our Admit One tickets and usher everyone into the show!

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  1. Magic Wand
    Magic Wand
  2. Black Fedora Hat Adult
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Items 1-96 of 717

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