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BBQ's & Picnics Party Supplies

Put some sizzle into your summer barbecues and picnics with our BBQ's and Picnics party supplies! With fun barbecue, breakfast and picnic-themed tableware, handy catering supplies and every day basics you'll find everything you need for the ultimate Aussie brekkie or backyard barbie!

Bring out the classic BBQ

There's nothing more Aussie than throwing a 'shrimp on the barbie' and enjoying a few beers and snags around a backyard BBQ. We love barbecues so much that it's a national pastime to trek down to Bunnings, follow the delicious smell of onions wafting in the air and grab a sausage in bread, for that little heavenly taste of barbecue! Whether it's a weekend barbecue with mates, an Australia Day barbecue or a 30th birthday barbecue, barbecues are always a great way to get everyone together to celebrate, and our BBQ's & Picnics range has all the supplies you need for a sizzling backyard BBQ that will make all your neighbours jealous!

Get ready to be the grill master and pop on our white chef's hat with one of our funny Aussie Mankini or Bikini Aprons, then fire up the grill. While the grill is getting warm set up a mouth-watering and tempting BBQ table. Start by laying out our Red Gingham tablecloth then add Classic BBQ plates, cups and some gingham napkins, or add a ‘Beer-fest’ look to your setup with our Beers & Cheers range!

Next fill up our plastic sauce bottles with your favourite sauces, and have our foil trays out and ready for the cooked bbq meat. Pop some of our clear plastic cups on each person's place setting and put out a few bottles of soft drink in an ice-filled esky near the table, or put cans inside of our Inflatable Beer Mug Cooler for a real conversation piece!

Cut up some cabana, cheese and carrot sticks and serve them on our Dip platter with some French Onion dip for a classic pre-barbie starter. Keep the platter covered with our Mesh Food Cover to keep the flies and mozzies away and use our plastic table clips to keep your barbie tablecloth from blowing away in the wind, and all that's left to do is crack open a beer and let the barbecuing begin!

Set off for a Picnic

If a picnic is more your style, it’s easy to put on a fabulous spread with our fun picnic supplies! Find a lovely grassy spot in a park and lay out our red gingham tablecloth, then add matching red gingham plates and cups, or, if you want to really make your picnic extra special add some of our attractive wine or champagne classes and a bottle of bubbly!

Don’t forget some of sauce bottles, plastic tongs, toothpicks and one of our plastic storage containers to store all your delicious picnic food.

Be unique with a Breakfast or Brunch Birthday

Breakfasts and long, leisurely brunches are becoming the next big thing, so why not make hot fluffy pancakes and bacon and scrambled eggs and serve them on our cute Brunch Party plates for something different at your next birthday.

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