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Sweeten up your party with our Lolly range! Featuring an array of sweet treats including lollipops, candy poles, choc buttons and jelly beans we've got everything you need to fill party bags or to create your very own luscious, Willy Wonka-style lolly buffet!

A party just isn't complete without something sweet, and our Lollies range will help you put together the perfect party treats! With swirly lollipops, colourful jelly beans, choc rocks, choc buttons, jubes and shiny gumballs, our gorgeous range of lollies make a great addition to your party table..

Use our lollies to fill candy dishes or buy a variety to create your very own lolly buffet! Buy pretty glass candy jars and candy dispensers from your local vintage shop and set up the beautiful retro glassware on your lolly table. Top with our swirl lollipops, jelly beans and gum balls in red, blue, yellow and green colours for a bright mix or tailor the lolly colours to your party theme. Our Mini Blackboards are a great way to label your lollies, and our coloured Plastic Scoops are perfect for letting your guests help themselves to all the colourful treats.

If you'd like to send everyone home with lollies of their own, our lollies are the perfect party bag filler. Simply choose one of our many party bags or party boxes in a colour to match your theme and add Lollipops, Twist Pops, Candy Poles and Jelly Beans in a kaleidoscope of colours.

With our Lollies range everyone can take home something sweet and unique!

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  1. Mini Pink Marshmallows (1kg)
    Mixed Pastel Shimmer Gumballs (1kg)
    Regular Price A$14.99 Special Price A$10.99
  2. Orange Jelly Beans (1kg)
    Orange Jelly Beans (1kg)
    Regular Price A$11.99 Special Price A$8.99
  3. Rainbow Twist Pops (Pack of 48)
    Rainbow Twirly Pops (Pack of 24)
    Regular Price A$9.99 Special Price A$6.99
  4. Rainbow Twist Pops (Pack of 48)
    Rainbow Twist Pops (Pack of 48)
    Regular Price A$19.99 Special Price A$15.99
  5. Assorted Choc Rocks (1kg)
    Assorted Choc Rocks (1kg)
    Regular Price A$14.99 Special Price A$9.99
  6. Blue Choc Eclairs (1kg)
    Blue Choc Eclairs (1kg)
    Regular Price A$15.99 Special Price A$8.99
  7. Sour Cola Bottles (180g)
    Sour Cola Bottles (180g)
    Regular Price A$2.99 Special Price A$1.99
  8. Blue Jellybean Baby Bottles
    Blue Jellybean Baby Bottles
    Regular Price A$26.99 Special Price A$19.99
  9. Christmas Lollipops (1kg)
    Christmas Printed Candy (500g)
    Regular Price A$7.99 Special Price A$4.99
  10. Christmas Swirl Lollipops (Pack of 50)
    Christmas Swirl Lollipops (Pack of 50)
    Regular Price A$21.99 Special Price A$9.99
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85 Items

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