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* Spy Detective Party Supplies

Hi there, our Spy Party range has unfortunately been discontinued, however you may find other fun ranges in our Boys and Girls Party Supplies instead.

Pretend to be a secret agent on the run with our Spy Detective party supplies! Featuring plates, cups, napkins and decorations with 007-style designs this fun range will help you put together a 'top secret' spy party every little covert agent will love!

Espionage, action and adventure - it's easy to see why kids love the life of the spy detective! If you have a little agent at home who loves solving mysteries and thwarting bad guys then our Spy Detective range is for you!

You can easily fulfil your 'mission' to make the coolest Spy party with our Spy Detective supplies, starting with the ultimate Spy party table. Set the scene for a 'clue gathering' lunch or dinner by rolling our black table roll over your tables, then lay out our Secret Agent Plates, Napkins and Cups for an authentic 007 style setting.

Every little detective needs tools to conduct his investigation, so pop our Mini Magnifying Glasses, black Men In Black style glasses and a fedora hat for each agent on the table to get them into spy mode.

Gathering clues is the most important part of a spy mission, so make a little 'Sleuthing Pack' for each agent with our Spy Agent Favour Bags and fill them with our Top Secret Pencils and Top Secret Notepads.

The last thing left to do is hang our "Investigation in Progress'' tape across your party room and wait for all your little agents to arrive on the 'scene'!

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