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Top 6 Trending Party Themes

Trouble deciding on a party theme for your next birthday? Take a look at our top 6 party themes trending now!

1. Unicorns and Rainbows

Unicorn and Rainbow Party Supplies

Whimsical, mystical and ever so fashionable - rainbows and unicorns make a wonderful party theme! Topping our most popular list, its easy to throw together a dreamy and delightful rainbow unicorn party with our Rainbow and Unicorn ranges. Style your party table with our pretty Meri Meri Unicorn tableware, stick our large Rainbow Cutout on your wall, hang our rainbow swirls, lanterns and pom pom decorations from your ceiling and get everyone to pop on our Unicorn Headbands for a beautiful and enchanting rainbow unicorn theme!

2. Superheroes

Superhero Boys Party Supplies

Rescuing people and saving the day - who doesn't love superheroes! The retro superhero trend is here to stay and you can find a huge selection of items in our Superhero Boy (or Superhero Girl) range to stage an epic Superhero birthday! Bring some "Boom!", "Wham!" and "Krunch!" to your table with our Superhero tableware, hang our Jumbo Superhero Word Cutouts on your wall for a dynamic atmosphere and serve your superhero party snacks in our Superhero City Snack Stand for an amazing Superhero feature!

3. Mermaids

Mermaid Party Supplies

Mythical and magical, it's easy to see why little girls love Mermaids! Mermaids are so popular right now and you can make everyone feel like they are part of an underwater Mermaid adventure with our Mermaids party range. Style your party table with our gorgeous Mermaid Friends tableware, mix in a few items from our stunning Meri Meri Let's be Mermaids range and make your Mermaid party table look like a glam undersea palace with our shiny Meri Meri Foil Shell Plates and Meri Meri Shell Napkins!

4. Flamingos

Flamingo Party Supplies

They're fun, flamboyant and they're everywhere right now - flamingos! Pink flamingo is one hot trend that is not slowing down anytime soon, so plan the perfect Flamingo party with our fabulous Flamingo range! Start by setting your table with our modern Pink Flamingo tableware or our island inspired Hawaiian Flamingo tableware, then go full flamingo with our Flamingo Cascade Centrepiece, Flamingo Straws and a few of our Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders. Finish the look with our fantastic Flamingo Yard Decorations then get ready to flaunt your inner Flamingo diva!

5. Pineapples

Pineapple Party Supplies

Another summer party craze popping up everywhere - pineapples! Whether you want to add a fun, fruity touch to your Hawaiian Luau party or host a tropical themed party we have plenty of pineapple products for you!  Pop our Pineapple Napkins and Meri Meri Pineapple Plates on your party table, add a few of our Plastic Pineapple Cups and Pineapple Tissue Decorations, then hang up our Mini Pineapple Garland Banner and get ready to take everyone away to a pineapple-filled paradise!

6. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Party Supplies

Flapper girls, gangsters and Art Deco - our favourite trend is the glamour and allure of The Great Gatsby! Whether you plan to host a Gatsby party or a general 1920's party you will find a great range of props and decorations to transform your party room into the roaring 20's in our Gatsby/Gangster range. Hang up our Foil Chandeliers and Honeycomb Chandeliers for a glitzy 20's Charleston-era atmosphere, stick our Gangster Silhouettes and Gangster Signs on your wall for some Gatsby style and wear our Black Fedora or Gangster Hat to get into Gatsby character!


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