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Top 5 Wonderfully Wild Animal Themed Parties

Top 5 Wild Animal Party Themes -Cover


To celebrate World Wildlife Day on the 3rd of March, we have put together some ideas for our favourite animal themed parties!

If your child is an animal lover, we have many different themes to choose from for their birthday party! From the smallest of critters, to the largest land mammals, read on to see our top 5 themes for wildlife fanatics!


Top 5 Wild Animal Party Themes - Barnyard




This cute theme is perfect for a first birthday, or for any kid who loves farm animals!

You will find party supplies adorned with all the familiar barnyard friends and scenery.

Attach the barn door decorations to walls and decorate the room with rustic style banners and fun balloons with farm animals printed on them.

Make your party table look the part with a grass look tablecloth and a hessian table runner. Place tin buckets filled with fresh flowers on the table and use cow print plates and cups.

Give your guests farm themed party favours such as finger puppets and plastic or plush toys, or even inflatable hobby horses to keep the fun going after the party!

Animals featured in the barnyard range: cows, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, ducks



Top 5 Wild Animal Party Themes - Jungle




There's nothing wilder than the jungle, except for maybe 15 or so cake-fueled school age kids running around your house!

Decorate your house to look like your guests have wandered deep into the Amazon with jungle tree backdrops and palm leaves scattered everywhere.

Hang vines from the walls and ceilings along with tropical birds and jungle sign cutouts. If you want to really make an impact, place life size cutouts of jungle animals around the room, which are also great for photos.

The natural palm leaf plates and bowls are a perfect match for the jungle theme and they are eco-friendly too!

Hand out safari hats to your guests and plan a jungle themed scavenger hunt for a fun party activity!

Animals featured in the jungle and safari range: lions, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, elephants



Top 5 Wild Animal Party Themes -Ocean




Dive into the sea and share your special day with the curious creatures of the ocean!

Fill your party room with lots of blue banners, swirls, and curtains along with ocean backdrops to create the under the sea atmosphere.

Use clear balloons filled with helium and placed throughout the room on weights to give the effect of underwater bubbles.

Cover your table with a sandy beach look or ocean tablecloth and place drift wood with shells scattered around for a cool seaside vibe.

Your guests will love finding fun sea themed favours in their treat bags to take home like squirt toys or plush sea animals.

Animals featured in the under the sea range: fish, sharks, dolphins, octopus, seahorse, crab, jellyfish, turtle



Top 5 Wild Animal Party Themes - Woodland




This party theme features sweet forest dwelling animals that will melt your heart!

When decorating for this theme, use lots of greenery, either plastic or fabric leaves, or go outside and find some small branches and leaf clusters you can bring inside.

You can even use your Christmas tree as part of the decorations, just leave the baubles and tinsel in storage and opt for some cute animal cutouts to place in the branches.

For your table settings, plaid and wooden plates, cups, and cutlery suit the woodland theme well, as does kraft paper tableware.

Serve picnic style food such as small sandwiches and cookies, or make a grazing table with nuts, fruit, and berries, just like the animals would forage for!

Animals featured in the woodland range: bear, fox, deer, hedgehog, raccoon, owl, rabbit



Top 5 Wild Animal Themed Parties - Reptiles And Bugs


Reptiles & Bugs


You might need to get your magnifying glass out to appreciate the beauty of these mini beasts!

Have some fun with this theme by decorating your party room to appear as if your guests have shrunk to microscopic size!

Create huge blades of grass out of large pieces of cardboard, giant flowers from paper plates and modelling balloons, and hang flying bugs like bees and butterflies around the room.

Make a giant spider web using crepe streamers and place a big furry spider in the centre ready to catch its prey!

Send your guests home with their very own reptile and bug discovery kit with a magnifying glass, insect and reptile figurines and a notepad and pencil to write notes.

Animals featured in the reptiles and bugs range: caterpillar, butterfly, bee, dragonfly, ant, grasshopper, beetle, spider, ladybug, snake, frog, lizard



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