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Sweet Easter Party Ideas

Chocolate, eggs and the Easter Bunny... it's time to get excited because Easter is just around the corner! Read on for our top ideas for hosting the sweetest Easter celebration.

Easter Party

Make Fun Favours With Plastic Eggs

Our fillable coloured plastic eggs are fantastic and versatile for use as Easter favours and decorations. They can be used in a number of clever ways, including:

  • Fill the eggs with small chocolate eggs or small favours, hide them around your yard then get all the kids to go on an Easter egg hunt!
  • Use them to create your very own Easter wreath - make a hole in each egg and use some shredded tissue paper, pipe cleaners and ribbon to secure your wreath together.
  • Put them inside glass jars and vessels along with a little shredded tissue paper to create a beautiful table centrepiece. You could tie an organza or raffia ribbon around the vase to complete the look, or thread the eggs onto skewers for a bouquet style centrepiece.
  • Put glow sticks inside the eggs and run your own glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt or use as decoration on your party table.
  • Make small holes in the eggs and attach them onto fairy lights for instant Easter egg lights.
  • Make two holes on the base of the eggs and thread through twisted green pipe cleaners to make your own Easter egg flowers.

Easter Supplies

Create Goody Bags & Buckets

Kids love Easter buckets or bags that they can fill with eggs on their Easter Egg hunt. It's also nice to make your own Easter gifts, which is where our great range of favour buckets and bags comes in handy! Go traditional and use our adorable Easter Bunny Tote Bags to make cute carry packs, or use our Small Coloured Plastic Favour Buckets or our medium sized Metal Favour Buckets to make your gifts. Get creative and fill the buckets with chocolate eggs and small Easter novelties, then wrap in cellophane and add ribbons and labels for a gorgeous personalised Easter gift your guests will adore.

Eeaster Favours

Dazzle With Decorated Eggs

Coloured hard-boiled eggs, also known as "Pysanka" or "Pysanky" (meaning "to write"), originate from the Slavic cultures in Eastern Europe but are widely embraced the world over. Try your hand at dyeing some hard-boiled eggs with egg dyes, use leaves to make patterns on the eggs by wrapping the egg and leaf in a stocking before dyeing, add bright egg wrap stickers from your local continental shop, or try decorating them by hand in traditional Ukrainian style. When you've finished making your masterpieces display your eggs in a pretty bowl on your party table for everyone to admire!

Egg Decorating

Serve Easter Cakes & Sweets

Easter is a great time to get in the kitchen and create tasty Easter treats. You could bake Easter themed cupcakes and top them with green frosting and fondant bunnies, make an Easter cake with icing carrots or make chocolate crackles and finish them with coloured sugar eggs for a sweet treat the kids will love.

Easter Baking

Play Easter Games

Easter falls in Autumn in Australia and it's always a wonderful time to get outdoors and have some Easter fun. Gather all the kids for an Easter egg hunt - hide chocolate eggs or plastic eggs filled with favours around your yard and give the kids a little basket or bag to go on a hunt to see who can find the most eggs. There are plenty of other Easter games you can play, including hosting your own Easter egg relay with our our Egg Relay Game kit. Put the plastic egg on the spoon (or substitute for a chocolate one!) and get the kids to run to a finish line and see who can make it first with out dropping the egg!

Easter Games

Stock Up On Chocolate

It goes without saying that Easter is all about chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Stock up on pretty chocolate eggs and bunnies and use them as part of your Easter gifts, decorations and activities for a delicious and traditional way to celebrate Easter.

Easter Chocolate