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Star Wars Themed Party Ideas

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… A young padawan was preparing to party like it’s 1977, and because they followed our tips for an awesome Star Wars party, it was a booming success!

Star Wars Banner

Set the Scene

Make your guests feel like they have stepped (or floated) right into space by decorating your room with a star backdrop and silver starburst balloons. No need for helium, as these balloons inflate with just air! Hang them at different heights in the room to create a great 3D space atmosphere! Star Wars Scene

Tableware has a New Hope

Gone are the days of the plain white paper plates and cups. Bring on the themed plates and cups! Match up our Star Wars themed tableware with our solid black range. Grab the cupcake stand and wrap the battery operated micro lights on it to create a cool light up decoration on your table! Star Wars Tableware

Let the Battle Begin

There is nothing better than a good battle scene (Luke vs Darth, amiright?), and you can get your guests involved in a recreation of some epic battles, minus the injuries! Choose which side you are fighting for and use your inflatable light saber to duel! Summer is the perfect time to start a water fight, so all you aspiring Storm Troopers, grab a water gun and squirt away, and don’t forget to make the “pew pew” noise! Star Wars Battle

The Dark Side is Delicious

Haven’t you ever wished that your cake sounded like the Dark Lord? Of course you have, and now it can! How cool is our breathing Vader cake topper?

Chewy Approved Treats

These gooey, sticky caramel brownies are fit for any furry sidekick! Just make sure you provide some napkins for you guests to clean their fingers after they have devoured these sweet treats. See the full recipe here.

Stand Up to the First Order

Rebels unite! Snap a pic with your favourite characters with our life-size stand ups! Leia, Luke, R2-D2, C3PO, Yoda and Chewbacca are all ready for some selfies with your guests. Set them up in front of your star wall for a fun photobooth! Star Wars Stand Ups See more Star Wars themed party supplies here!