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Make Your Own Minecraft Party

Bring the world of Minecraft to your child's birthday with these great DIY Minecraft party tips!

Minecraft Party Supplies

The magic of Minecraft has taken over the world by storm. Giving kids the ability to build their own 3D worlds with challenges and goals and work within limited resources, Minecraft unleashes imagination and creativity while being fun and educational too!

Minecraft is at the peak of it's popularity now but there is no licensed Mincecraft party range to date. If you're little boy or girl loves Minecraft and you want to host a Minecraft themed birthday don't despair, we have a great range of Minecraft-inspired products to help you put together an amazing Minecraft themed party your little miners will adore!

Make a Minecraft World in Your Party Room

Bringing the fun of Minecraft to your party room is easy with a little bit of imagination and a few simple party items. Make your own massive Minecraft backdrop with our Lime Green, Green and Black square paper party plates. Simply stick them to a wall, a sheet or a huge piece of cardboard for an instant Minecraft-coloured mural. If you're clever you can even download a template from the internet and create the mural in the shape of a creeper!

Minecraft Party Decor

Put Together the Ultimate Minecraft Party Table

Putting together an impressive Minecraft party table doesn't take too much work with Discount Party Supplies! Start by laying our Grass Printed Tablecloth over your party table. Next add some of our Green and Black Swirl Lollipops, Lime Green Snack Cups, (you could personalise them with stickers!) Pixel Glasses and a Inflatable Torch to complete the look. Finish with a cool Minecraft cake baked with our Checkerboard Cake Tin for a spectacular Minecraft setting.

Minecraft Tableware

Create Cool Minecraft Thank You Packs

Keep the magic of Minecraft alive at home by giving the kids a cool Minecraft take-home gift! Use our Pixel Party Bags or our Assorted Paper Gift bags in Minecraft colours and fill them with our Pickaxe Pencils, Pixel Spike Balls, Pixel Notepads and Pixel Character Tattoos then present one to each child as the perfect 'Minecraft S.O.S Pack'!

Minecraft Favours

More Minecraft DIY Ideas to Make Your Party Special

  • Turn small soft drink bottles into a "Potion of Healing" by placing a home-made Potion of Healing label around the bottles
  • Make TNT sticks by wrapping a "TNT" label around twiggy sticks or red licorice sticks
  • Cover a box with green paper and cut out a Creeper face on the front. Use the box as a decoration or host your own Creeper Toss Game and have everyone throw a small ball into his face to win points
  • Create your own blocks of "Dirt Grass" out of rice krispies and green food colouring
  • Cover red and green party poppers with a TNT label for your own Minecraft mini TNT poppers
  • Bake cupcakes and arrange them into the shape of a Minecraft sword for an amazing Minecraft birthday cake feature!
  • Cook "Creeper Pizzas" by cutting salami into square pieces and forming them into a creeper face
  • Serve green 'Creeper Juice' (lime cordial) in a glass drink dispenser

With these great tips and our wonderful range of Minecraft inspired partyware your Minecraft party is sure to be an epic success!