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How To: Assemble A Balloon Arch

How To Assemble A Balloon Arch - Cover

A balloon arch can be used as an exciting entrance to your party, a beautiful backdrop for your party food table, and is perfect for many photo opportunities!


Follow our instructions below to create your own balloon arch masterpiece!



Before you start


Plan ahead for your party! The complete process for setting up for balloon arches can take approximately 2-3 hours if you are doing it by yourself. Ask friends or family to help with the job to make it easier!

Depending on the quality of the balloons, they can last for quite a while before they start to deflate. To save time, you can blow them up the day before your party, and if you need to set up in a different location you can transport the balloons in large garbage bags. If they start looking a little dull, give them a gentle wipe with baby oil to give them their shine back.



How To Assemble A Balloon Arch - What You Need


What you will need


  • The Balloon Arch Kit (2.5m)

  • Water or sand for weighing down the bases

  • Around 100-200 balloons to suit your theme (the 2.5m arch will hold approx 120 of the 30cm balloons)

  • A balloon pump (hand or electric)

  • A large area for assembling (preferably away from any wind)



Setting up


Take all your contents out of the box and make sure you have all the parts. In box you will find two bases, two short tubes, 50 balloon clips, and 8 metal poles (connected by elastic rope).

The first thing to do is to fill the bases with either sand or water. This helps to weigh the base down so the arch is able to stand. Pull open the rubber plug and fill the base. If you are having an outdoor party, reinforce the bases with sand bags as well. Place your bases on the ground about 3.5m apart.

Once you have done this step, you can put in the small plastic tube into the centre hole of each base. To make it easier for myself later, I like to put the balloon clips onto these poles at this stage.

Now you can take the metal poles and attach them together. They should snap into place as you open it out, but just make sure each end is pushed securely into the next pole.

You should now have one very long pole. This next step works best if you have someone to help you with. Take one end of the long pole and place it into one of the tubes that is in the bases. if you did not put the balloon clips onto the tubes, thread them onto the metal pole now before the next step.

Bend the pole gently as you take the other end to the other base. Insert it into the base and adjust the placement of the bases until you are happy with the arch.


How To Assemble A Balloon Arch - Setting Up



Putting on the balloons


If you haven't already pre-filled them, it's time to blow up the balloons! Enlist any willing helpers to blow up balloons, because this takes a while!

Start with all your clips on one end of the pole. Attach 4 balloons to the top clip and then slide the clip across the arch to the other side.

Continue doing this until your arch is completely full. Any leftover clips should be hidden behind the balloons at the bottom of the pole.


How To Assemble A Balloon Arch - Adding Balloons


If you want to add some extra pizazz to your arch, stick smaller balloons in random places using balloon sticky dots, or weave some greenery or flower garlands into the arch. You can even hang pom pom decorations or swirls from the arch.


How To Assemble A Balloon Arch - Finished



Watch our YouTube video to see the process in action!



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