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Hard To Find Party Theme Ideas

Hard To Find Party Theme Ideas - Cover


Sometimes the birthday star has their heart set on a particular theme but the problem is, you just can't find it anywhere! Don't worry, we have some ideas on how you can create the theme they want with what you can find!



Have you ever found yourself searching high and low to find the exact Youtube channel star, animal, or other obscure thing that has been requested for the party theme?

It can be stressful when you have so many things to organise and you just want to make the day special, but the items you want are nowhere to be found.
We have some great ideas where you can throw together pretty much any theme with a little creativity and some DIY!


Hard To Find Party Theme Ideas - Styles



Let's Make It Easy


To get you started, here is a list of some popular themes that are hard to find and the range that we stock that suits the theme.


  • Kidchella/Coachella = Boho
  • Finding Nemo = Under The Sea
  • Ballerina = Swan Princess
  • Dance Party = 80's or Glow
  • Roblox = Gaming
  • Minecraft = TNT
  • Nightmare Before Christmas = Halloween

    If you have another theme in mind, keep reading!



    Check Out What Others Have Done


    Your best starting point is to search the web for what other clever people have created and use that as a guide. If you search the image section of your preferred web search site, you will have a great visual representation of what can be achieved. Pinterest is also a fantastic starter for ideas! Just type in your theme and then "party" to open the floodgate of ideas!

    Get ideas from friends and family and join online groups for people interested in party planning to get their suggestions.

    Make sure you check through our past blogs as well for some creative ideas for your chosen theme and jump on our live chat to speak to one of our awesome party staff for some ideas on how to incorporate our items into your theme!



    Colour Coordinating


    This is the easiest way to get the theme you want. If you look at the colours that are in their theme they want, you can match them pretty easily with plain colour balloons, plates, cutlery, napkins, and decorations.

    If you search on Google for the theme you want and "colour palette", it will usually bring up some results showing you the colours that go with the theme.

    Depending on your particular theme, usually it is best to go with either three colours, or one main colour with two or three accent colours.

    Also check if there are any other stand out features of the theme that you can substitute with generic versions; for example, you might want a Bluey themed party so you can add generic paw print items to your decorations as well.


    Hard To Find Party Theme Ideas - Colours



    Making It Yourself


    You may get lucky and find someone who can custom make party items for you in your theme, but it may become quite pricey and sometimes a long wait. If you are a little bit crafty, you can easily make your own party items!

    First, figure out what types of items you want to create and take note of any measurements you need, such as the space on treat bags, the size for a cupcake pick or cake topper, or a banner.

    It is usually quite easy to find images for your theme online. Once you have some, you can use an online program such as Canva to personalise and add names and other text.

    If you have a printer at home, you can print out your images in your chosen size. Microsoft Word has a great feature under the Mailings section to create labels in any size and you can then duplicate your image in there. If you don't have a home printer, you can take your file to your local printers or upload it to a custom printing website where you can get your design printed on pretty much anything!

    Also see our past blog on how to make a custom pinata here!



    Putting It All Together


    Once you have all your bits and pieces, you just need to set it all up!

    There are so many ways now to create an eye-catching party display, such as creating a balloon garland or arch, and adding banners and curtains to create a stunning backdrop.

    If you do get anything custom made, the best thing to get would be the cake! Make it the centrepiece of your decorations and everything will all just come together nicely!

    You will have all your guests asking how you managed to find all your items and the birthday boy or girl will have the party they wished for!


    Hard To Find Party Theme Ideas - Cakes


    Check out our full range of coloured party supplies here!

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