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Gorgeous Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas

Keep all your guests guessing the gender of your baby and give them a big reveal with our gorgeous Gender Reveal baby shower ideas!

Gender Reveal Baby Shower

A Gender Reveal Baby Shower is so much fun and a great way to keep your baby's gender under wraps until the very last minute when you are ready to share it with those nearest and dearest to you.

Read on below for our favourite ideas for creating a beautiful Gender Reveal Baby shower full of surprise that your guests will love!

Put Together a Pretty Gender Reveal Party Table

Keep the mystery of your baby's gender while still creating a beautiful baby shower table with our Gender Reveal party range. Simply send out our Gender Reveal Invites to your guests and style your table with our Gender Reveal tableware and decorations for a gorgeous yet secretive baby shower setting!

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Build A Fun Ambiguous Atmosphere With Gender Reveal Balloons

Add to the suspense of your Gender Reveal party with our great range of Gender Reveal and Baby Shower balloons. Hang up our Gender Reveal Balloons and both our Pink and Blue Foil Baby Banners to create a sweet yet neutral party room setting, and use our Gender Reveal Jumbo Confetti Balloon to create a dramatic reveal sometime during the shower - simply fill it with the colour confetti that matches the sex of your baby and then pop the balloon to finally show everyone if its a boy or girl!

Gender Reveal Jumbo Confetti Balloon

Create Fun Gender Reveal Games with Cute Baby Shower Favours

Part of the fun of a baby shower is all of the party games, and you can put together some really competitive games or cute keepsakes with our range of baby shower favours. Use our Multi-Coloured Mini Dummies to make necklaces for your guests by threading coloured ribbon through them, freeze our Mini Pink or Blue Babies in ice cube trays to see who is the first to "deliver" their baby when the ice melts, or have everyone take one of our Pink or Blue Mini Baby Bottles to make a guess on which sex you will have and tally up all the pink vs blue bottles to see which sex had the most guesses! The favours even make adorable table decorations or cupcake toppers (just make sure to remove them before eating!).

Baby Shower Supplies

Set up Sweet Gender Reveal Party Treats

Put the mystery of your baby's gender into your party food too! Serve pretty pink and blue frosted cupcakes with question marks drawn on them in icing, and put together a candy buffet with our Pink Swirl Lollipops, Blue Swirl Lollipops and our Pink and Blue Chews. Alternatively, fill our Blue or Pink Mini Favour Bottles with the sweets and present a bottle to each guests to take home and keep!

Baby Shower Lollies

Get Everyone to Give Their Best Guess on Your Baby's Gender

Another truly special way to mark the coming arrival of your baby while having some fun with guessing the gender is with our beautiful Baby Dreams Wish Jar. Have each guest take a 'wish' ticket and on the back have them write which gender they think you will give birth to along with a special message for baby, then ask them to put the tickets inside the jar for you to pull out to read later and to treasure as a personal, keepsake gift.

Baby Dreams Wish Jar

A Few More Great Gender Reveal Ideas...

  • Have your guests make baby name suggestions on blue and pink post-it notes and pop them into a clear bowl for mum-to-be to pull out and read at the shower for laughs.
  • Serve blue and pink fairy floss for a fabulous gender reveal snack.
  • Make pink strawberry punch and blue lemonade and serve in glass drink dispensers for a great gender reveal party feature.
  • Fill our large pink or blue baby bottle bank with a mix of pink and blue jelly beans and run a jelly bean guessing contest for how many pink vs blue jelly beans in the jar.
  • Cut out blue cardboard moustaches and pink cardboard bows and ask each guest to wear the cut-out that matches their guess (alternatively, use pink and blue plastic bead necklaces!)
  • Fill a decorated cardboard box with a bouquet of blue or pink helium filled balloons - whichever matches the sex of your baby - then open the box for the big reveal to your guests and watch the balloons pop up!