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Frozen Wonderland Party Ideas

Frozen Wonderland Party Ideas


❄️ Create a fun photobooth set up with our beautiful backdrop of Elsa’s ice castle, and life-size stand ups of your favourite Frozen characters. Hang the snowflake foil decorations or the snowflake swirls from the ceiling to create a pretty snowstorm for your photo area.

❄️ Use our new balloon trees to decorate your Frozen party using light bluewhite, and clear balloons, or for an extra special effect use the silver confetti balloons! Place the balloons in the balloon tree using balloon sticks and your guests will be able to take a balloon home after the party.

Frozen Wonderland Party - Balloons

❄️ Provide your guests with whitesilver, and light blue tableware and hang a white and blue tassel garland across the front of your Frozen themed food table, then hang a few pretty white puff balls from the ceiling. Add a sparkling centrepiece to the table by finding a broken branch from a tree and spraying it with silver or glitter paint, pop it in a vase and hang little snowflakes on it.

Frozen Wonderland Party - Table Decorating

❄️ If you have any small Frozen character figurines lying around (which I think about 90% of houses with small children would have in abundance), pop them in small clear glass or plastic jars with artificial snow for a cute table decoration or placeholder for seating your guests.

❄️ Make a stunning backdrop for your food table using light blue tulle netting (you can find this by the metre at Spotlight, or use sheer curtains), and hang fairy lights behind it. Decorate it with glitter snowflake cutouts to give it that perfect Frozen look.

Frozen Wonderland Party - Table Styling


❄️ An easy treat you can make is blue jelly “ice”! Just make up a batch of light blue jelly (you can use the unflavoured, uncoloured jelly crystals and add blue cordial to make the light blue colour) in a square or rectangle tray that is about 4cm high. Once the jelly has set, cut it into cubes and display on a plate on your Frozen food table.

❄️ ‘Only an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart’…. Make some sweet “frozen heart” treats using strawberries dipped in white chocolate!

Frozen Wonderland Party - Food

❄️ Elsa would love these Frozen Frostbite treats! Put marshmellows on bamboo skewers and dip the bottom half of the marshmellow into melted white chocolate, then roll in sparkly blue sugar or blue food sprinkles!

❄️ These delicious Melted Olaf treats look so funny on the food table! Grab some clear cups and fill with plain or sweet vanilla Greek yogurt, then pop in two pretzel sticks for his arms, a piece of dried apricot cut to look like his nose, mini choc chips or sultanas for buttons, and some Wilton candy eyeballs to finish it off!

❄️Make an extra special cake for the Frozen loving birthday kid using our Dolly Varden cake tin and an Elsa doll. Decorate using homemade or pre-made light blue buttercream icing, or fondant, and add little edible snowflakes.

Frozen Wonderland Party - Cakes

❄️ This has to be the simplest idea for your food table but is sure to get a laugh out of your guests! Fill a jug with water and ice cubes, pop a carrot in there, and call it a “Melted Snowman”!

❄️This is a clever idea! Grab one of our Circus lollipop stands and cut up the snow blanket to cover the circus design to turn it into Elsa’s frozen ice castle or a snowy mountain! Then display these white and blue swirl lollipops or twist pops in it!

Frozen Wonderland Party - Lollipop Stand


❄️ ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’… Now this activity is sure to be a hit with your guests! Make some fun play snow using cornstarch and shaving cream and add a touch of glitter to make it extra magical! To make the play snow, just combine 2 boxes of cornstarch with 1 can of shaving cream into a bowl. Work the cream into the starch with your fingers, much like you work butter into flour. It takes a bit of time but the more you do it, the better it will be able to be molded! Once you have done that, sprinkle in some glitter. You can freeze this ahead of time and then take it out at the party. It will be nice and cold! This is best played with outside on a large tray and with an old sheet covering the ground to make clean up easy.

❄️Here is a fun activity for your guests that they will get hours of joy out of! Make an Olaf in a Snowstorm bottle! For each guest you will need: a clean plastic bottle, 3 large white pompoms for his body, 2 small white pompoms for his legs, 3 tiny black pompoms for his buttons, 2 googly eyes, a plastic carrot, glitter glue in silver and blue, water, a brown pipecleaner, and glue. First, make Olaf some arms using the brown pipecleaner, then place all of Olaf’s pieces into the bottle. Fill the bottle about 2/3 of the way with water, then add about a tablespoon of each of the glitter glues into the bottle. You don’t want to put too much in as you won’t be able to see all of Olaf’s parts. Fill it all the way up with water and put on the lid. Give it a test shake to make sure it looks good then use some strong glue to adhere the lid to the bottle so it doesn’t accidentally get opened during play. Have fun swirling Olaf around in the Frozen showstorm!

❄️A fun game for your guests to play at your Frozen party is this Pin the Nose on Olaf game! Write each guest’s name on the carrot stickers so you know whose is whose and then take turns trying to get Olaf’s nose in the right place!

Frozen Wonderland Party - Games and Favours

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