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DIY Party Light

Get savvy and make your own flashing party light with this great tutorial!

DIY Party Light

Decorating a party doesn’t have to be expensive with our clever DIY Party Light! Made with a few simple items this light will make your party room dazzle all night long!

What You’ll Need

Catering Cups

To make the light you’ll need a few useful items – you’ll need a drill to drill holes into the cups, a stapler to staple your cups together, a few packs of our Clear Plastic Cups and some LED Fairy Lights (battery or plug-in will work).

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is drill a hole in the bottom of every plastic cup to prepare them for the lights.


Step 2

Once all your holes have been drilled it’s time to start stapling the cups together. You need to create two halves that will attach together to make a sphere. Staple the cups in a circular direction.


Step 3

When you’ve stapled a circle of cups together you will then need to staple more cups in the centre to form half a 3 dimensional sphere. Repeat for the other half-circle you’ve created.

Stapling More

Step 4

Now it’s time to thread through your fairy lights. Thread bulbs through each cup hole carefully on both sphere halves that you’ve made.

Threading Lights

Step 5

Once every cup has a LED light threaded through simply assemble the two halves together to make one 3D ball (gather all the lighting cable into the centre). Staple cups together to secure.

Assembled Ball

Step 6

You can now tie a string inside the ball, hang your light up, flick the switch and get ready to party!

Light Ball

For a visual step by step check out our great video below:

Hot Tips

  • Use LED lights with a chaser function to give your light cool strobing and flashing effects
  • Try substituting multi-colour LED lights for warm white or cool white LEDs to create a futuristic/modern look
  • Make a Snowman by creating two spheres and joining them together then use black cups for a mouth, an orange cup for a nose and blue cups for the eyes
  • Use fluorescent coloured plastic shot glasses or cups in place of clear cups for a fun version of this light that the kids will love