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DIY Fancy Faux Fireplace

“How will Santa get into our house if we don’t have a fireplace?” I’m sure you have been asked this question as a parent if your house doesn’t have a fireplace! Instead of umming and ahhing and trying to come up with an answer, why not get creative?

Fireplace BannerAll you need for this project is:

  • A bunch of large boxes (I used nappy boxes, they were the perfect size!)
  • Large sheets of white card or whatever colour you would like your fireplace to be if you prefer not to paint (these are easily found in art stores, cheap shops, or Officeworks)
  • Paint in the colour you choose for the bricks (I mixed red and brown to make the rusty brick colour)
  • White paint or white tape for the mortar pattern between the bricks
  • Masking tape to stick it all together
  • Large black card for inside the fireplace

Step One

Gather your boxes and stack them up into the perfect fireplace shape. You can choose the size you want it to be depending on what size boxes you have and the size room it will be going in. I used a long, flat box for the top of the fireplace to create a stable top to place decorations on. Tape these all together once you are happy.

Step Two

Now you can cover the fireplace with the white card. This helps with the painting stage by creating a smooth and even base. Masking tape is better than sticky tape for this part because it doesn’t have the shiny finish and is easier to paint over. Fireplace Step 2

Step Three

Now comes the fun part! Grab your paint and your brushes, get the kids involved and paint! You will need quite a lot of paint for this part as you want to cover all of the card in two coats for the best result. Don’t stress if the painting is uneven, it gives a really cool textured look! Don’t forget to cover your floor and yourselves to protect from mess! Fireplace Step 3

Step Four

This is the trickiest step; figuring out your brick pattern. Search on the internet for images of fireplaces and see what brick patterns you like, there are so many different styles! I measured and ruled out the lines with pencil before painting first as this made sure it ended up even. If you want a quicker way to do this step, get some white tape (like washi tape) and just stick it on in the pattern you like. Make sure you do the sides and inside the fireplace to keep it consistent. Fireplace Step 4

Step Five

Now your fireplace is looking awesome, you can add an optional faux fire inside it too! Use a clear plastic container, like the container apples come in at the supermarket, as your base for the fire. Then get red and yellow cellophane, stick it all around the inner edge with it sticking up about 20cm above the edge. Cut the edges of the cellophane into flame-like shapes and spread it out. Now here comes the best trick! Get some battery operated fairy lights and put them inside the container, turn them on, and you have a lifelike fire! Decorate with some small logs for a really authentic look. Fire pics Just look at how real the fire looks at night! Fire at night   Now you have a beautiful decorative fireplace and your kids will be happy knowing that Santa can use his magic to get into your house to deliver everyone’s gifts! Fireplace finished Top Tip: Our beautiful Christmas LED Garland Light would look amazing draped over the top of your DIY Fireplace!