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Create a Cute Candy Shoppe Party

Want a unique theme everyone will love? Release your inner Willy Wonka and host a whimsical Candy Shoppe party with our delightful Candy Shoppe supplies!

Candy Shoppe Party

Create an Authentic Old-Fashioned Candy Shoppe Atmosphere

Retro candy shops are full of whimsy and charm, so why not recapture that old-world feel with our Candy Shoppe stands! Set up our Candy Shoppe Stand and Lemonade Stand next to each other and place a stool in each booth to serve sweets and refreshments to your guests. Add our Candy Cane Garland Banner for decoration and arrange our gorgeous old-fashioned Meri Meri Ice Cream Cart on a table filled with freshly scooped ice cream cones and your guests will be transported to sugary heaven!

Candy Shop Booths

Bring the Candy Shoppe Fun to Your Birthday Table

When it comes to a theme like Candy Shoppe, you are only limited by your imagination, so get creative and put together your own Candy Shoppe themed party table to complement your Candy Shoppe booths and lolly buffet. Put out old-fashioned milk bottles or glass mason jars for milkshakes and drinks, add a few retro striped straws, and complete your style with our cute and colourful Donut Time or Candy Bouquet tableware (coming soon).

Candy Shoppe Party Supplies

Wow Everyone With a Showcase of Shiny Candy

What is the most important part of a Candy Shoppe party? Candy of course! With a Candy Shoppe themed party there are so many fun ways to present your candy. Set up a large long table covered with a table cloth and have our plastic scoops and tongs ready for people to serve themselves sweets. Next, decide whether you want to display your candy in pretty, retro glass jars or dishes or whether you want to pour it into plastic containers for everyone to "pick & mix". What type of lollies you use and the colour scheme you choose is completely up to you, but our jellybeans, gummy bears, fruit chews and swirly lollipops are always a delicious choice!


Serve Delectable Cakes and Scrumptious Sweets

A Candy Shoppe party doesn't have to just be about the sweets (although that is the best part!). Why not mix your lolly buffet up a bit by also offering a selection of tasty sweet treats. Bake macarons in candy colours, decorate decadent cupcakes with your favourite candy, put out donuts in bright patterns and hues and serve soft serve or gelati in a rainbow of colours!