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Top 10 Things to Celebrate About Australia Day

Australia Day is the perfect day to celebrate all the things that make our beautiful country unique so gather your friends for an Australia Day party and celebrate with our top 10 list! Australia Day Party Supplies

1. The Aussie BBQ

There is nothing better than firing up the barbie on a hot day! Getting attacked by the hot oil spitting at us, standing there for hours (it seems) turning those sausages, eating it off plastic plates, and ending up with most of it getting stolen by the dog. We love our snags so much that it has become a nationwide tradition to trek down to our local Bunnings on the weekend and grab a $2 sausage sizzle.

2. Thongs

We love doing things the easy way here and our footwear is no exception. Slide these babies on and you are ready to go. We all have our everyday pair of thongs and a pair of “good” thongs. Many of us have come across a lone thong in the wild and wondered who is walking around with one thong on. A great party game to play on Australia Day is the Thong Toss; best played on the beach, draw a line in the sand and see how far you can throw a thong, the furthest throw wins!

3. Pavlova

This Australian delicacy usually makes an appearance twice a year: Christmas and Australia Day. There are many variations of the pavlova but the most common version is a base of meringue (gooey inside with a hard crust on the outside is the best), covered in a thick layer of whipped cream, topped with summer fruits such as strawberries, kiwi fruit, and pineapple, then drizzled with passionfruit syrup. It is sickly sweet but it’s just the way we like it.

4. Vegemite

Another Aussie favourite food is is Vegemite. This yeast-based spread is not for the faint hearted. DO NOT spread it thickly like you would Nutella, unless you have a death wish or have been double-dared to do it. The perfect way to eat Vegemite is to get fresh white bread, toast it, and while it is still hot, butter it, then add a very sparse layer of Vegemite. Breakfast perfection.

5. Our Flag

Our iconic red, white and blue flag can be seen worn with pride by Aussies, whether it be on a hat, beach towel, singlet, thongs, or even dressing up in an Australian Flag themed superhero cape. Tattoos of the southern cross are quite common among 20-something males, who can usually be seen driving a Holden Commodore and doing doughies in a cul-de-sac.

6. Flies

OMG, the FLIES. They are EVERYWHERE, and it seems the closer you get to the centre of Australia, the more concentrated the fly population seems to be. The action of swatting away flies with your hand has become known as the “Aussie Salute”. If you want to impress your friends with your practical fashion sense, dress up in Aussie cork hats to keep the flies at bay.

7. The Sun

That hot, burning ball of gas in the sky seems to have superpowers down under. It can turn asphalt into liquid form, colour your skin with a fiery shade of scarlet in one minute flat, and make everyone around you constantly exclaim the obvious; “It’s hot today!” Dressing up in a gigantic Australia Day sombrero hat to keep the sun off doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

8. Our Fauna

Our animals range from cute and cuddly to deadly and dangerous, and you will see signs on the side of the roads alerting you of their possible sudden appearance. Venomous red back spiders are quite common, usually found hidden in sheds or rather inconveniently inside the toilet roll tube. Kangaroos are cute, but don’t be fooled, give them a pair of boxing gloves and they could easily take on any human fighter in the ring. But don’t do that, they are probably quite happy munching on grass and scratching their bellies.

9. Our Money

It’s like a rainbow in your wallet! The colours and designs on our notes are works of art and they look a little bit like play money. They also have this clever little window on them which makes them extremely difficult to counterfeit, although, we are too lazy to attempt to do that anyway. Our coins also have cute little pictures on them and kids have fun collecting all those special edition $1 and $2 coins. We did away with the 1c and 2c coins in 1992 but I’m sure there would be jars and jars of them hoarded away in people’s sheds.

10. Cities and Landmarks

There are so many things to see and do in our wonderful country. Go to Sydney and see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, or travel to central Australia to see our big rock, Uluru. Share a skinny latte with the hipsters in Melbourne, or share a smile with the crocodiles in Darwin. Have the time of your life at the theme parks in Queensland, or see some amazing shows at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide. Check out some museums in Perth, or take a tour of Parliament House in Canberra, and when you are finished, head down to Tassie and relax in a cabin surrounded by beautiful forests.   We are so lucky to live in this country! Don’t forget to grab your party supplies to celebrate Australia Day!