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Star Wars Party Favour Cups

If your little Jedi is dreaming of a Star Wars themed party, check out how we put together these awesome favour packs for around $6 per guest!

The traditional lolly filled plastic party bags have been upgraded in recent years to become more extravagant, with favour packs for guests starting to cost more than the gifts that the birthday kid receives!

But, it doesn’t have to be expensive to wow your guests with amazing favours for them to take home as a thank you. We have put together this fun Star Wars themed favour pack with the budget conscious party thrower in mind. This idea can also be translated into any party theme you wish!

First you will want to start with some kind of cup to store the goodies in. We chose the plastic cups as they can be reused, but you can use paper cups if you wish, or you could even try our plastic Storm Trooper tumbler.

Star Wars Favour Cups Types

Now to pick the bits and pieces to go inside! Of course, the go-to item is our inflatable light sabers, which kids love to play with and because they are made of soft plastic there is less likely to be injuries when they are having their epic battles! TIP: pinch the hole as you blow it up to allow air to go in easily, and make sure to inflate it completely so it maintains it’s shape.

Once of the simplest items that kids love is stickers! The amount of joy a single sticker can bring to a child is wonderful, so let’s give them a whole sheet of Star Wars stickers each! Just grab a pack of our Star Wars sticker books (or as many packs as you need to split up between the guests) and slightly roll up one or two sheets to place in each favour cup.

Star Wars Party Favours

Party blowers are another big hit for kids, so pop one of the Star Wars party blowers in the cup as well. Maybe provide the grown ups with some ear plugs too, because most of us don’t enjoy the sound as much as kids do! Another simple treat that kids love is balloons. Grab a pack of coloured Star Wars balloons, or the black Star Wars balloons and chuck one in each cup.

What kind of favour cup could this be without the sweet treats? Our black choc rocks look just like little asteroids, so we got creative and packaged a handful in a small cello bag and labelled them “Space Rocks”.

We also grabbed a pack of our black swirl lollipops and put one in each cup, standing up. Then we put each cup into one of our clear cello bags (which fit the plastic favour cups perfectly) with the opening at the top and the lollipop coming through.

Then we finished off the look with one of the Star Wars cupcake ring characters as a decoration on each cup by putting it on the lollipop stick.

Star Wars Favour Cups Complete

Create your own favour cups with our full range of Star Wars themed party items here.