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How to Host an Epic Avengers Party

Avengers Party Ideas

Superhero themed parties are a big hit for all ages, and if your birthday kid (or grown up) loves the Marvel Universe, then an Avengers party is the perfect way to go! Let's check out a few ways you can make your Avengers themed party epic....


Use these ideas to set up a super atmosphere that will have your guests feeling like they have stepped right into the Marvel Universe.

  • Create an epic Avengers backdrop for your treat table by using foil curtains in red and blue and hang gold balloons along the top and sides.
  • Have fun with an Avengers themed photobooth! Set up a superhero backdrop and provide your guests with photo props. Take some cool pics and then open up a photo editing program on your phone or PC and search for a comic book style filter to overlay. You can even create a collage of the photos and print them out to use as thank you cards for your guests!
  • Lay out your tables with Avengers themed tableware mixed with block coloured tableware in red and blue.
  • A simple yet effective way of presenting treats to your guests is to fill clear cellophane bags with colours that associate with each of the Avengers: blue candy chews for Captain America, red chocolate buttons for Iron Man, green choc pearls for Hulk, white choc rocks for Thor, and black jelly beans for Black Widow. Add a sticker with a picture of each character or their symbol on the bags to finish the look.

Avengers Party Tableware


We have hunted down some creative ways to serve up some Avengers themed food at your party!

  • Is there anything more American than pizza? Create an awesome Captain America shield pizza by getting a plain pizza base, covering it in pizza sauce, then use pepperoni and cheese to make the circles on the shield. Add a piece of star shaped cheese in the centre and you will have a treat that not only will your little Avengers love but will look amazing on your food table!
  • Try out this cute idea for some super sweet treats! Use lollipops on sticks and attach a mini paper, fabric, or felt mask and cape and then stand them up in a cup. You could even make a special lollipop stand by covering a tissue box in contact or wrapping paper and then poking evenly spaced holes in it using a pencil.
  • These delicious Hulk custard cups with be a smashing success at your Avengers party! Start with plain custard and colour it using green food colouring. Place the coloured custard into clear cups and sprinkle crushed Oreos on top. Then finish by drawing a little Hulk face on the outside of the cup.
  • Move over sweet treats, because everyone will be scrambling for this eggy Avengers snack! Make Captain America themed eggs by hardboiling eggs, peeling them, and then placing them in water with food colouring. You will need about 20 drops of food colouring per every ½ cup of water. Place the eggs in a container and cover them with water and add the colouring. You will want to do some eggs with red and some with blue. Allow the eggs to sit in the mixture for 2 hours, then remove and dry them off. Slice the eggs in half to reveal a colourful ring around the edge!
  • These Thor hammer treats are so easy to make and they look really effective! You will need jumbo marshmallows, pretzel sticks, Wilton Silver Food Colour Mist, and parchment or wax paper. First, cover your work area with the paper (the mist from the spray will stain surroundings). Spread the marshmallows evenly apart on the paper and lightly spray the all over with the mist, then allow them to dry for about 2 hours. Once they have dried, you can stick the pretzel into the bottom to create the handle for your mini Thor hammer treats!

Avengers Party Food

Games and Activites

Keep all the superheroes at your party occupied with these cool Avengers themed party games and activities!

  • Get ready for battle by giving your guests a fun craft task! Hand out plain or coloured paper plates and have coloured paper or felt for them to decorate their own superhero shields. You can also attach pipe cleaners to the back for handles.
  • This silly Hulk themed version of the classic pass the parcel party game will have everyone in fits of laughter! Just like the original game, you will need to wrap a prize in a few layers of wrapping paper or newspaper. Have your guests sit in a circle and pass the parcel around while music is playing (TIP: to keep with the theme, you could play music from the Avengers movies). When the music stops on each player, they will need to put on a pair of green oven mits (‘Hulk hands’) and they will have 20 seconds to try to remove a layer of wrapping. Continue until all layers are removed and the prize is revealed to the lucky winner!
  • If you have the Hulk smash gloves, you can set up a tray (outside is best, this game is messy!) with icecream cones placed upside down on it and have each guest smash as many cones as they can using the gloves.
  • Have your guests use their epic imaginations and create their own Avengers comic using these awesome packs! There are pages with comic book panels, speech bubble stencils, and even handy tips on how to make an awesome comic book adventure!

Avengers Party Activities

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